Hi I have a Smeg Oven Model SUK91MFX5 which will not turn off. 4. Turn the dial until "Off" appears and use the oven as normal. Do Smeg ovens come with a rotisserie kit? Unlike other oven brands, the main oven fan element can be replaced from inside the oven cavity. 1. Turn the knob to to select one of The fan keeps turning until the grill programs. I will try and help with this problem Smeg SUK91MFX Fan Oven. However, this is rarely the case. To turn off the convection fan in your Whirlpool oven, you can choose not to operate the appliance in convection mode.The fan provides circulation of air throughout the oven during preheating and other oven cycles, which makes it important in some instances, even if … Please note that failure to turn off the electrical supply before working on the appliance or disconnecting can result in electrical shocks which can cause death. did you test element with the spade connectors off, if not i have put some videos below to help you, I still suspect that you may have a problem with the fan of the element but if it is good you may have a problem with the selector switch or thermostat. A Plastic oven cleaning tray from Lakeland. If one of these relays shorts out, the control board may send continuous voltage to the oven fan. Step 1. here are other common problems The fan element is fitted to the rear of the oven cavity. The model number of the appliance we will be working on is a DUSF44X. It takes half an hour even if the oven has only been used for a few minutes. A Glass scraper would work well. But the time the fan runs after we turn the oven off is NOT dependent on the time the oven has been in use. Steps to clean your SMEG oven or range the ECO Way- I wouldn't recommend using any caustic sprays or gel. 01 - Oven Control Board. And the fan … 5. Page 12 20 minutes) will indicate that cooking has Manual cooking been completed. This eliminates the need to manually handle the appli The element stays on and is constantly heating and the fan is still running even though all of the control knobs are in the off position The only way to turn off the appliance is by switching off at the switch on the wall. Keep the door closed while the oven is programmed and heating up. My Smeg cooker worked fine for 5 years. How to replace a fan element in my smeg oven. 2. The manual program “P40”, that 8. The oven control board has relays that regulate power to the bake, broil and fan circuits according to the user settings and sensor input. 3..A few microfibre cloths. 60cm built-in Pyrolytic and 70cm/90cm multifunction ovens come with a rotisserie kit. HOW TO ENTER THE SECONDARY MENU • When the oven is on standby turn the far left control knob, to activate the light. In this post we will document the procedure of replacing the main oven fan element in a Smeg oven. Smeg double oven heats fine but the cooling fan does not turn off after? Then I noticed tha the fan which stays on after you turn off the oven did not ever turn off, unless you switched the oven off at the fuse box. The oven cooling fan will continue to operate for around 20 minutes after the appliance has been switched off to enable the oven to cool down more quickly. First turn off your electricity supply to the oven. This code indicates problem with the oven door lock usually caused when the door is opened just before the lock is engaged. You can turn this off via the secondary actions menu accessible via the programming screen. Turn the oven off and re-enter your cooking instructions if "ERR4" appears on the display. Oven cleaning paste such as Astonish or The Pink Stuff. Hi Clara turn your oven off at the switch board wait a couple of days for the oven to dry out, if it is still faulty please call Smeg service on 02 8667 4833 to arrange for technician to fix your oven. Common solutions for: My Oven Fan Won't Turn Off. At the end of cooking, the text will continue to flash for the next 20 From the OFF status: minutes and the oven light will remain on.
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