He tended to the sick in Freeside for a while longer, then returned to NCR territory to become a teacher with the Followers there. Arcade was tending to the locals of Freeside when he learned that Caesar's Legion had been defeated and NCR was being pushed out of New Vegas. Blues, or ease the tensions with the NCR during G.I. Convince the chief to stop falsifying records, complete the endgame quest. They continued to be a nuisance throughout Outer Vegas, but never established full control over the area. The rangers assisted the troopers admirably during the Legion's ill-fated attack. As a result, Powder Ganger raids on caravans became an unfortunate fact of life in the. This ending overrides all others for the Fiends if this condition is met. Born on June 25, 2020 (261 years old) to a wealthy Nevada tool magnate, Robert Edwin House was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a freak accident involving an autogyro and a lightning strike. The Courier, who had a mixed history in the Wasteland, kept the status quo at Hoover Dam. Also Cass' comment on the aftermath of Mr. House is awesome. Convince Papa Khan to break his alliance with Caesar's Legion, but do not replace him with Regis. In the relative peace that followed, Brotherhood patrols appeared along major roads, harassing travelers over any bits of technology they had. Mr House Death/NCR ending - posted in New Vegas Mod Requests: So, as we all know, if you side with the NCR you have to kill Mr House. In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, The Kings took the opportunity to viciously force all NCR citizens out of Freeside. Though many, During the Battle of Hoover Dam, the Great Khans quickly evacuated. Few openly blamed the rangers for Hanlon's treachery, but public and political support for the military as a whole quickly dwindled. Any chaos on the streets was ended, quickly. Tired of waiting for the world to be done with him, Looking for a place where he could be of some use, Boone found himself re-enlisting with his old unit. The Kings refused, and briefly became slaves in the Legion, but after a failed escape attempt, they were all put to death. Most of The Kings were killed, with the few survivors driven out into the wastes. Vegas burned brighter than ever. Most nightkin at Jacobstown followed their leader Keene out into the wasteland, terrorizing the Mojave for years to come. Caesar honored him/her with a golden coin, minted in celebration of his/her contributions and distributed throughout the wasteland. Arcade had hoped that Freeside would be able to remain independent of NCR rule, but he was glad that Caesar's Legion had been stopped at Hoover Dam. Independent again, Primm operates much as it had before the Powder Gangs arrived: full of ups and downs. As long as the. Complete Volare!, complete the endgame quest. Though many NCR military officers fled the territory soon after the dam was lost, Chief Hanlon remained at, Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. Chief Hanlon personally directed the evacuation of the rangers to. With his triumph, Mr. Biden, who turns 78 later this month, fulfilled his decades-long ambition in his third bid for the White House, becoming the oldest person elected president. Though he found that independence for New Vegas was not all he hoped it would be, Arcade did his best to help the locals govern themselves. The endings are displayed not by playing a pre-rendered video, as in, The ending is heavily scripted and fragile, meaning it can fail to register certain variables and show the incorrect endings. Alice McLafferty and Gloria Van Graff both left alive. As far as she was concerned, the whole thing was proof that playing out a bad hand can pay off in the end... as long as someone/a woman like the Courier was holding the cards. With Hanlon's plot against the occupation exposed and Oliver hailed as NCR's new war hero, many rangers were greeted coldly on their return home. Fallout: New Vegas endings are determined by the player's actions and choices throughout the game and depicted on a Imageshow at the end. After their victory at Hoover Dam, the Legion quickly set about destroying all remaining resistance, including any groups with ties to the NCR. The Brotherhood used the battle of Hoover Dam as an opportunity to retake HELIOS One, and came to control the area between it and Hidden Valley. Though the Courier himself/herself was just and forthright in his/her dealings throughout the Wasteland, he/she helped the. Most choices made during the game are not reflected and merely implied, however, such as the fate of Westside, while others are shown during gameplay or mentioned on Radio New Vegas/NCR emergency radio during the Battle, such as events on the Strip and the fate of the families. Complete Rex's personal quest, Nothin' But a Hound Dog, by implanting, Complete Flags of Our Foul-Ups using O'Harahan's or Mags' advice. Though the Courier himself/herself was just and forthright in his/her dealings throughout the Wasteland, he/she helped the Legion achieve victory. After the Courier ensured New Vegas remain free, the Followers found that Independent New Vegas was even more unstable and violent than before. Having never received a replacement brain, Rex finally succumbed to old age, abruptly shutting down forever one quiet morning.
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