for these species in tidal rivers, The Virginia Marine Resources Commission enacted a ban on the possession of river herring, effective January 1, 2012, due to the collapse of the stock, and to comply with an Atlantic States Marine Fisheries fishery management plan directive. Lake and its tributaries below Niagara Dam, No smallmouth less than 15 inches, 15 spotted bass per day, Clinch River–within the boundaries of Scott, Wise, Russell or Tazewell counties, No bass less than 20 inches, only 1 bass per day longer than 20 inches, Dan River and tributaries down-stream from the Union Street Dam, Danville, James River–Confluence of the Jackson and Cowpasture rivers (Botetourt Cty) downstream to the 14th St. Bridge in Richmond, No bass 14 to 22 inches, only 1 per day longer than 22 inches, Levisa Fork River–within the boundaries Buchanan County, New River–Fields Dam (Grayson County) downstream to the VA-WV state line and its tributaries Little River downstream from Little River Dam in Montgomery County, Big Walker Creek from the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge downstream to the New River and Wolf Creek from the Narrows Dam downstream to the New River in Giles County. The harvesting of striped bass from the tidal waters of Virginia for the purpose of artificially spawning in a permitted aquaculture facility shall comply with all of the provisions of this chapter and state law including minimum size limits, maximum size limits, and closed harvesting seasons and areas. Do you have a few hours to spare? Identification. Scientific Name. October 1–May 31: No striped bass or hybrid striped bass less than 20 inches: June … Morone saxatilis. Hopefully this will help in the restoration of the population of striped bass so that these fisheries will become busy and bustling with That sounds of game fisherman again soon. It shall be unlawful for any person to possess any non-Virginia jurisdictional striped bass tags in Virginia waters or striped bass tagged with any non-Virginia jurisdictional striped bass tags, except as provided by subdivision 4 of this subsection and subsection C of this section. No minimum size. CBF in Virginia   Hampton Roads Office   Maryland Office, Annapolis. 5. The commissioner or his designee may grant exemptions for any recreational fishing tournament from size and season limitations described in 4VAC20-252-80, 4VAC-20-252-90, 4VAC20-252-100 and 4VAC20-252-110 provided that the tournament meets all of the … Donations are tax-deductable as allowed by law. ( in the spring of 2019, Virginia canceled striped bass fishing because they were concerned about the low population of striped bass over the last few years. Maximum Size Limit: 36 inches (Effective: 8/27/2019) Possession Limit: 1 per person (Effective: 1/1/2015) 5. STRIPED BASS (ROCKFISH, STRIPED) Striped Bass Regulation 4 VAC 20-252-10 et seq. Your donation helps the Chesapeake Bay Foundation maintain our momentum toward a restored Bay, rivers, and streams for today and generations to come. Virginia fisheries have seen a decline in recent years in the number of striped bass harvested for recreational anglers. For smaller lakes, information can be found online at: Minimum Size Limit: 28 inches. 42 bridge, Rockingham Co. downstream to the confluence with S. Fork Shenandoah at Front Royal, Potomac River – Virginia tidal tributaries above Rt. For striped bass, hybrid striped bass, and white bass, Beech Fork, Bluestone, and R. D. Bailey lakes were changed to a 15” minimum size limit, with a daily creel in aggregate of four fish. in tidal rivers, Creel and length limits shall be the same as those set by the Virginia Marine Resources Comm. True bass family. No possession limit for those individuals possessing a permit obtained under 4VAC15-340-80. 301 bridge, No bass less than 15 inches from March 1 through June 15, Staunton (Roanoke) River–and its tributaries below Difficult Creek, Charlotte County, Shenandoah River–Confluence of South Fork and North Fork rivers, Front Royal, downstream to the Warren Dam, near Front Royal, Base of Warren Dam, near Front Royal downstream to Rt. striper, rockfish. The tables that follow give statewide creel (harvest) and length limits for major sport fish and exceptions for major rivers and lakes. Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program. “Our opinion is VMRC is abusing their authority,” Avery said, adding that the restrictions are “feel-good” measures since Virginia anglers account for such a small percentage of striped bass caught along the Atlantic coast. Together with other organizations, they put catch quotas in … January 1 through March 31 May 16 through December 31. (This does not include Claytor Lake which is delineated as: The upper end of the island at Allisonia downstream to the dam. Streamlined, elongate body; coloration shades from dark olive above through silvery sides to a white belly; 7 to 8 prominent unbroken black stripes originate behind the head and extend to the tail; more prominent than on the white bass. 2 per day; 30 inch – 40 inch protective slot limit (all striped bass caught between 30 and 40 inches must be immediately released unharmed, fish under 30 inches and over 40 inches may be creeled) To use eels as bait while fishing for striped bass with hook and line from Dec. 16–May 15, inclusive, in the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries. A whopping 90% of the total catch goes to the recreational fishery. 4VAC20-252-115. 20 per day, except only 1 blue catfish per day longer than 32 inches, James River and its tributaries below the fall line and York River and its tributaries (including the Pamunkey River and Mattaponi River) below the fall line, No daily limit, except only 1 blue catfish per day longer than 32 inches, All rivers below the fall line other than the James River and its tributaries and the York River and its tributaries, 20 per day, only 1 catfish per day longer than 34 inches, Creel and length limits shall be the same as those set by the Virginia Marine Resources Comm. DAILY CREEL LIMIT: MINIMUM SIZE: POSSESSION LIMIT : Hybrid Striped Bass: 4* 15 inches* 8* SPECIAL REGULATIONS: Bluestone Lake and all rivers: Daily creel limit of 4 and possession limit of 8 applies to fish 15 inches or larger in aggregate with striped and white bass. It raised the size limit on striped bass from 28 to 36 inches, which the commission hopes will reduce the number of fish released back into the water. Landlocked Striped Bass and Landlocked Striped Bass X White Bass Hybrids, Anadromous (coastal) striped bass above the fall line in all coastal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay, Striped bass in the Meherrin, Nottoway, Blackwater (Chowan Drainage), North Landing and Northwest rivers and their tributaries plus Back Bay, No walleye or saugeye less than 18 inches, June 1–last day of February: No muskellunge 40 to 48 inches, March 1–May 31: No muskellunge less than 48 inches, Bluegill (bream) and other sunfish excluding Crappie, Rock Bass (redeye) and Roanoke Bass, Yellow, brown, black, flat, and snail bullhead, Above and below the fall line in all coastal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay, Meherrin River below Emporia Dam, Nottoway River, Blackwater River, (Chowan Drainage), North Landing and Northwest rivers, and their tributaries plus Back Bay, Anadromous (coastal) Alewife and Blueback Herring, Above and below the fall line in all coastal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay and their tributaries, Meherrin River, Nottoway River, Blackwater River (Chowan Drainage), North Landing and Northwest rivers and their tributaries, plus Back Bay, See Virginia Marine Resources website:, Nongame Fish, Reptile, Amphibian & Invertebrates », Bluegill (bream) and other sunfish excluding Crappie, Rock Bass (redeye), California Waterfowl & Upland Game & Public Lands, Georgia Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) Student Manual, Nevada Big Game Hunting Seasons & Applications, New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info – 2016-2017, Freshwater Trophy Fish Award Application (PDF), Nongame Fish, Reptile, Amphibian & Invertebrates, No bass 16 to 24 inches, only 1 per day longer than 24 inches, No smallmouth less than 14 inches; 15 spotted bass per day, Smith Mt. So beginning New Year’s Day, Kerr will have a more liberal striped-bass size limit something that anglers and fish officials hope will jumpstart the sluggish fishery. October 1 - May 31: No striped bass or hybrid striped bass less than 20 inches. Size Limit: Bag Limit: ... Been fishing since 1963 now it’s 2020 fisherman … Boat ramps funded and managed by the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries. Fisheries   anadromous (coastal) striped bass above the fall line in all coastal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay. Saltwater Fishing Limits; Species Minimum Size Limits (Total Length in Inches) (1) Possession Limits (Number of Fish) Open Seasons; Winter Flounder: 12: 2: April 1 - May 30: Striped Bass: Hudson River (north of George Washington Bridge) Slot size: 18 - 28 (not less than 18" nor greater than 28") 1: April 1 - Nov 30: Striped Bass: marine waters Regulations for anadromous (coastal) striped bass, alewife and blueback herring above and below the fall line, in tidal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay; and anadromous (coastal) American shad and hickory shad, and all other saltwater fish below the fall line, in tidal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay, are set by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. This is actually one of the key reason… 7 fish per day—only 2 lake trout. 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