The plant will respond with new lateral growth from the leaf nodes. Pruning, Once the plant has become established and has begun to grow, you will need to prune it back to keep it bushy and full. Interested in learning more about gardening? Begonias can be classified into a number of groups based on growth habit. This will encourage several new stems to sprout in place of each stem you pinch. Whether grown outdoors year round in warm climates or as annuals in cold climates, tuberous begonias die back annually to store up energy in their tubers while they go through a dormant phase. Begonias can be classified into a number of groups based on growth habit. View our Privacy Policy here. Like the bedding plant known as wax begonia, cane begonias … Keep your angel wings compact and bushy by pruning them periodically as they grow. A: Dragon Wing begonia, Begonia x hybrida, and angel wing begonia, Begonia coccinea are very attractive, cane-forming begonia plants. Pinching back your Angel Wing Begonia is the best way to get it to become bushy. Keep the soil lightly moist and give the plant a light fertilizer feeding every 4 to 6 weeks… Overwintering Begonias in Cold Climates. Perennial flowers, these prolific and showy plants will grow energetically in a sunny flower garden or container throughout the growing season. Propagating. Old canes that have grown barren should be pruned to two leaf joints in early spring to stimulate new growth. Another common reason for spindly Begonias is old age. You will know when the plant needs drastic pruning because it will start … [1] X Research source This step is particularly important if you have cane begonias, such as Angel Wings. Find out how to prune and propagate your plant and make it look gorgeous again. Angel wing begonias … Watch the plant growth over the next few weeks — new lateral shoots should emerge from the pruning point. Name: Jelinda AKA jojoe Ivey Thomson,Ga. Pinch the shoot off at the first leaf node (the point leaves grow from the stem). Growing angel wing begonias inside can provide a dwarf plant for the desk, or a large bushy, shrub-like floor plant, reaching 5 feet. Dragon wing begonias … In terms of culture, these are not particularly difficult to grow and can thrive indoors, providing you meet a few basic requirements. When the plant is one year old, prune it drastically down to 6 inches both in the winter and again in late spring. The begonia family contains more than 1,300 species and hybrids, many of which are commonly grown as potted foliage plants. All rights reserved. Your plant will then send out lots of new side growth. What Are the Colors of Dragon Wing Begonias? If the plant is leggy you can trim it back to a manageable and natural shape. Prune back the last two sets of leaves from the ends of branches. The Angel Wing Begonia responds really well to pruning, and will likely flourish if kept slightly smaller and more ‘rounded’. Cane-stemmed begonias. The number of leaves and blooms should look proportionate. Begonia lovers often enjoy adding angel wing begonias to their collection of cane begonias. Pinching back your Angel Wing Begonia is the best way to get it to become bushy. You will need to bring your Angel Wing indoors to winter over, it will not survive outdoors in temperatures below about 45 degrees. Most people think of begonias as plants with brightly … Use your finger and thumb to remove the ends of small stems that branch off the main stems. These cuttings should have 4 leaf joints where two are planted under the soil. A node is where a leaf joins the stem. For example Begonia tenuifolia is a fantastic example of a rhizomatous begonia. Prune off any yellowing or dead leaves from the Angel Wing begonia. The variety of begonia determines the type of pruning necessary. A. Pruning encourages new growth on the plant and helps shape the plant. You should always propagate angel wing begonias … The Begonia coccinea has a fair few varieties that display glossy type leaves on cane stems and display colorful flowers. How to Care for an Angel Wing Begonia. Page 1 of 2 • 1 2. When you notice new growth beginning on the stem, plant it in a permanent growing location as a new angel wing begonia.
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